One of the services I provide in addition to raster to vector conversions, is simplifying existing vectors

Sometimes I will receive a vector file from a customer that will print fine on a large format printer but cannot be cut out of vinyl because it is too complex. The image below is a perfect example of this. The original file was a vector pdf. Most likely it was exported out of another program such as Corel and in the conversion process all stroked lines were converted to shapes which resulted in excessive un-needed shapes. When looking at the image normally in filled mode it looks perfectly fine.

kleen logo original

However when viewed in an outline mode you can see that there are hundreds of extra lines and shapes that would make this image impossible to cut out of vinyl using a plotter. If you were to import the original pdf into Gerber Omega, Flexisign or any other sign software you would not be able to use it without significant clean up.

outline view of original logo

For this artwork, there were too many extra shapes to remove, combine, delete and so forth so I chose to redraw the main text from scratch which would be quicker. Here is the final file in outline mode so you can see how this is now suitable for cutting in vinyl. It would also be easier to deal with if you wanted to change colors in Corel or Illustrator since there are fewer extra shapes to deal with.

final vector outline

Below is a zoomed in view showing precise details, clean lines and smooth curves. You can see how my file is now suitable for cut vinyl output and if you were to use this for print output there are fewer shapes should you need to edit further.

closeup of vector

Compare this with a zoomed in view of the complex original below.

zoomed in original outline

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