Almost daily I receive emails with artwork to trace as a vector with little or no description. This is not a problem as long as the file you send and it’s current appearance are how you want the vector to appear. If you want any changes to the art from it’s original format then you need to be as specific as possible. If you send me a 1 color logo with all shapes joined but expect the file to be broken up into separate shapes for layering, coloring or any other edits, then I need to know this from the beginning. It can be a significant amount of work to edit a file after it has been converted and result in additional charges. I cannot predict how you will be outputting your files.

Below is the actual email from the customer and I would like to highlight a few points.

  • Customer specified how much of the graphic needs done in 2 separate entries
  • Changes to the art were specified such as line thickness
  • The original art was not ideal so the customer asked for details to be cleaned up and made more professional and consistent
  • Font information and changes were called out

Hi, I have a project for you. Attached is a scan (pdf) of the original artwork. There are several things we want done to this.

Vectorization of the entire design.

Thicken the outermost circle, you will see that this line is thinner than all others in the design. Perhaps 2x thicker.

As you will see the components which make up the outer portion of the design are essentially copies of one another and the artist has indicated that he would like them to be consistent. I was thinking if one was re-drawn it could be cloned and used for each one, creating the desired consistency.

For the text: it was copied from a font (sorry, I don’t know what it is but something very close should be fine). And make more space between the text and outer circle of the design, just bump it up on the top and down on the bottom, I’d say at least a quarter inch. As you will see it needs a little room, not a ton, but some.

Center of the design: Smoothing lines, circles, consistency with gaps and distances. Most of the anomalies are simply due to the hand drawn nature of the design. In some areas it’s obvious that there is supposed to be a bit of an off set, whereas other areas the pen just filled in a bit too much.

No need for the pencil lines “sacred journey” or the artists signature. Sorry the file being sent is not rotated to upright, but that should be pretty obvious.

Keep in mind that in some cases your conversion may only cost $6-10. My business is entirely time based. If I have to send 3 or more emails asking questions on a job under $10, then my profit is $0 or ends up costing me valuable time. Unlike your project that may be worth $100-5000, I don’t have the liberty to ask that many questions and keep my prices low. The profit margin is very low on any conversions under $10.

All changes to your art are billable and added to original cost, unless they are obviously my fault. Why not get the art you want the first time to save yourself money and ensure your project is completed on time and within your budget?

Please check this page at my website for other points to keep in mind. Many of my blog entries are here to remind you of how many ways art can be created that work for one customer and not another. A print file may not work well for cutting vinyl and by the same token a cut vinyl file is not ideal for printing or for when changes are needed.

You may get charged extra if I have to send out multiple emails to clarify what you want done.

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