The software I use to produce all of my vector files is Adobe Illustrator. I am currently using version CS3. I prefer to skip upgrades so will likely upgrade to CS5 whenever that comes out. I do not own or use Corel, Flexi or Omega but that should not be a problem.

When I save my vector files I always save down to version 3 or version 8. The reason I do this is so that I can insure that all of my customers can open or import my vector files. Some customers have older versions of Illustrator or they use Coreldraw. While others use Flexisign, Gerber Omega and other sign design software. They may not own the latest version of their software and in some cases, the aforementioned software will not import newer ai or eps files properly.

If you use Illustrator, you can simply open my files directly. Any other graphic program will likely require that you use the IMPORT command. Consult your owner’s manual or online help files to be sure. If you are unsure of compatibility, please visit my website vectordoctor and click on the eps and ai links on the right hand column. The file should look just like the image below. If yes, then you will have no problem with the vector files that I provide.

For those of you that don’t own vector compatible software, you can also request that I provide a pdf file in addition to your vector. Some of you simply forward the vectors to your sign shop or print provider. Having a pdf will allow you to preview the vector for accuracy before sending the vectors off blindly to someone. Any potential errors will show up and it allows you to always have a reference file on hand for future use. My pdf file is also a vector file and can be opened up directly in Illustrator if you choose.

Note: Illustrator allows me to save as either an ai or eps. Both OPEN the same way in Illustrator. Apparently other programs are limited in which format they can IMPORT. My preference is an ai file but will happily save as an eps if you prefer.

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