As Soon As Possible – That is a very vague answer to “When do you need it completed?” This can mean different things to different businesses. One sign shop interprets ASAP to mean 1-2 hours because their customer will come back later that day. Another less hectic shop considers this to be 1-2 days.

So why is it important to be more specific? A couple of reasons. One is rush charges. Anything done in a short time span will usually result in a rush charge. Why pay for a rush charge, when your interpretation of ASAP really meant 6-24 hours and you did not need it that quickly?

The other reason is uncertainty. What if I interpret ASAP to mean later that same day and you really did want it done in 1 hour? Now you’re in a bind because that vector file is not in your inbox when you thought it would be.

Solution: Please be more specific in the number of hours or days before you want your vector file completed. It could save you some money.

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